A 6-week training including multiple choice assessments for each module

This self-paced course will require about 3 hours per week. You can log on any time during the week, but we encourage you to finish the week’s assignment within that week. You will be in a section with up to 12 other participants with an instructor guiding the course. All materials are provided electronically. Upon successful completion, you will receive 13 NBCC-approved CE hours.

Online Course Outline

This is a 6-week, self-paced online training. Each week will begin with a narrated Power Point presentation by Dr Mike Dubi. In addition, there will be videos, readings, and interaction in a weekly online discussion thread.

A URL along with instructions for accessing the learning platform will be provided a few days before the course launches.

Module 1

  1. Introduction and Orientation
  2. Definitions and General Principles of Anger Management
  3. Basic Brain Information
  4. Basics of the Angry Brain
  5. Module Exam

Module 2

  1. Basics of the Emotional Brain
  2. Basics of the Social Brain
  3. Anger Systems in the Brain
  4. Module Exam

Module 3

  1. Changing the Brain
  2. Phases of an Anger Episode
  3. Module Exam

Module 4

  1. Rage
  2. Substance Abuse and Violence
  3. Domestic Violence
  4. Module Exam

Module 5

  1. Overview of Anger Management Treatment
  2. Group Interventions for Treating Anger
  3. Events and Cues: A Framework for Understanding Anger
  4. Anger Control Plans
  5. The Aggression Cycle
  6. Cognitive Restructuring
  7. Module Exam

 Module 6

  1. Assertive Training
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Individual Interventions for Treating Anger
  4. Module Exam

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