International Trauma Training Institute is an approved NBCC continuing education provider. ACEP # 6674

DATE: July 15 – August 25, 2019
DELIVERY METHOD: 6-week online. Allow 2 – 3 hours per week.
COURSE FEE: $220. All course material is provided.
SECTIONS: Participants will be assigned to a section with no more than 15.
FACULTY OVERSIGHT:  Joffrey Suprina, Ph.D.,  ITTI faculty member and creator or this course, will provide oversight throughout the session.


This course is built around 6 weekly modules. Each module is presented as a narrated PowerPoint along with additional videos and articles.

Within each module participants are expected to participate in the weekly discussion.

At the end of each weekly module participants are expected to pass a weekly quiz with a minimum grade of 80% in order to advance to the next week.

Participants must complete the modules in the order they are presented.

Completion documentation will be provided after the 6th module.


Psychology Today (1994) and the National Center for Alternative and Complimentary Medicine (1998) both predicted the integration of mental and physical health services as the “healthcare of the future” that promotes a holistic biopsychosocial perspective of wellness by integrating complementary and alternative treatments with conventional approaches. Although gaining momentum in society, many mental health clinicians are lagging behind other professions in knowledge and skills for integrating complementary and alternative treatments into their practice.

Using the four-stage model of the Integration Continuum in Counseling (Suprina, 2003), this course will present theoretical constructs and techniques based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda Medicine, the Creative Arts and other approaches for integration of CAT in treatment of clients who have experienced trauma. Along with some practical techniques that can be used immediately, participants will also receive additional resources for further study.

OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course participants will be better able to:

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