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COMPLETION DOCUMENT: After successfully finishing the course, you will receive a completion document indicating 13 CE hours earned.

POST-COURSE CERTIFICATION: For those wishing to pursue post-course certification, this course provides the education component. For all other certification requirements go to certifying body: Evergreen Certifications

This course is built around 6 modules. Each module is presented as a narrated PowerPoint along with additional videos and articles.


This six-module course will unlock the secrets of anxiety and how it is processed in the brain.  Anxiety travels in two distinct pathways in the brain although presenting symptoms may be similar upon first glance. Understanding the physiological source of anxiety will help decipher the best mode of treatment for addressing anxiety at its source. Since anxiety is a universal experience this course will bring useful strategies that can be applied nearly instantly with anxious clients.


MODULE 1: This module provides an approachable introduction to neuroscience and its application for counselors and psychotherapists.

MODULE 2: This module takes a deep dive into the symptoms of anxiety and examines the physical and experiential source of anxiety.

MODULE 3: This module delves into ways to therapeutically rewire the brain for handling anxiety based in the amygdala.

MODULE 4: This module takes a long look at the role of the cortex in creating anxiety and gives practical information on how to tame the cortex into better behavior when it wants to spiral out of control.

MODULE 5: This module focuses on the importance of the therapeutic relationship as it relates to anxiety treatment.

MODULE 6: This module introduces a unique and brilliant way to work with clients so that anxiety can finally be erased!

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