Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)


Sold By: International Trauma Training Institute


What you’ll get

  • The latest evidence-based science shown to heal traumatic stress.
  • Therapeutic tools you can implement with clients immediately.
  • Coursework you can download all at once. Learn at your own pace – you have a full year to complete the training!
  • Up to 13 hours Continuing Education Credit for Counselors, Social Workers, Addictions Counselors, and other helping professionals.
  • An affordable price and high-value training in a narrated PowerPoint slide format.

Many of our past students were struggling to treat their trauma clients. Frustrated each time the client’s appointment came up, they often felt inadequate and lacked confidence.

But after taking this course they reported feeling better prepared, confident, and could offer healing tools. Finally, they were helping clients live more comfortably in their skin.

What you’ll learn…

  • How the contribution expert scientists made to the development of the field of traumatic stress
  • The major research and important literature in the field of traumatic stress
  • About the respected and latest interventions, such as EMDR, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Bilateral Stimulation such as Tapping, Brainspotting, as effective treatments of traumatic stress.
  • The therapeutic relationship and relational factors) for positive treatment outcomes
  • Relaxation techniques, self-­regulation, exposure, and narrative in trauma treatment
  • The DSM-5™ diagnostic criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Knowledge of prominent clinical assessment tools and instruments
  • The role of scoring and interpretation of assessment and its application to case conceptualization
  • The Tri-phasic Model as standard of care
  • The psycho-educational components of early trauma treatment
  • The neurobiology of the trauma response with focus on the Polyvagal Theory
  • Principles and practices for treating traumatized children/adolescents.
  • And so much more!

All this critical knowledge is available to you for only $219!

Why learn with us?

  • The International Trauma Training Institute (ITTI) was created to address the training needs of mental health professionals involved in the treatment of traumatic stress, as well as forensic assessment, education, and research.
  • ITTI, LLC (formerly IATP, LLC) was established 25 years ago.
  • ITTI works with individual professionals of the mental health community, and with colleges, universities, and mental health agencies.
  • Our course trainers are leaders in higher education in the fields of psychotherapy and forensic evaluation and treatment.
  • This course meets the education requirement if you choose to apply for Certification to become a Certified Trauma Professional through Evergreen Certifications. Check with Evergreen directly to find out if you qualify for certification and the next steps.
  • International Trauma Training Institute is an approved NBCC continuing education provider. ACEP # 6674

About Your Course Instruction Mike Dubi, EdD, LCSW

Mike Dubi, Ed.D., LMHC, is president of the International Trauma Training Institute (ITTI) and editor of the Trauma Online newsletter. He co-authored Trauma, PTSD, Grief & Loss: The 10 Core Competencies for Evidence-Based Treatment (PESI, 2017), several book chapters and various articles on trauma, power therapies, case conceptualization and supervision.

Mike is a former associate professor of Counselor Education and Supervision, Mental Health Counseling, Forensic Psychology and Counseling Psychology at Argosy University/Sarasota (1997 to 2014). He has been engaged in the practice of individual and group psychotherapy for over 40 years and is a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Qualified Supervisor. He is certified in Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Hypnosis, EMDR and Brainspotting. He is also an AMHCA Diplomate and Clinical Mental Health Specialist in Trauma Counseling, Board Certified Expert and Diplomate in Traumatic Stress, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, a Certified Trauma Specialist, Certified in Acute Traumatic Stress Management, trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Certified in Disaster Mental Health by the American Red Cross, Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist and Fellow of the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists.