Counseling Older Adults (COA)


Sold By: International Trauma Training Institute


Instructor: James J Messina, Ph.D., NCC, CCMHC, DMHS-T

Course Description

This course is an updated version of  ‘Counseling Aging Seniors’ (CAS)

The purpose of this comprehensive course is to teach participants how to work effectively with Older Adults, to learn about Medicare, and to become advocates for this expanding population as mental health providers in most mental health situations.

This twenty module online training will cover the following topics:

Module 1. Counseling Older Adults Introduction

Module 2. Typical Mental Health Conditions of Older Adults

Module 3. Older Adults and SUDS

Module 4. Evidence Based Treatments for Older Adults

Module 5. Use of MBSR with Older Adults

Module 6. ESBT-Motivational Interviewing with Older Adults

Module 7. Dealing with Alzheimer’s when Working with Older Adults

Module 8. Helping Older Adults Deal with Grief

Module 9. Reminiscence Therapy with Older Adults

Module 10. Retirement for Older Adults

Module 11. Wellness Program for Older Adults

Module 12. Dealing with COVID-19 with Older Adults

Module 13. Medicare Coverage for Mental Health Services Provided to Older Adults

Module 14. Logistics of Paperwork when Dealing with Medicare

Module 15. Assessments required by Medicare in getting an Older Adults approved for Mental Health Services

Module 16. Three Obstacles to Overcome for Older Adults in Counseling Older Adults

Module 17. A 12 Step Approach to Counseling Older Adults

Module 18. Advocating for Older Adults a Priority for Mental Health Providers

Module 19. Ageism

Module 20. Promoting Healthy Longevity