Crime Victims: An Integrated Approach (WCV)


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  • CE HOURS:13
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  • INSTRUCTOR:Cheryl Paulhus, Ed.D., LPC-S, CCTP, RVT

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In America, millions of violent crimes happen each year. In ITTI’s new course, Crime Victims: An Integrated and Holistic Approach, we will explore violence in society, review interpersonal violent crimes and discover the societal and personal factors that contribute to or help prevent violence. This course will introduce mental health professionals, educators, and those interested in the criminal & social justice field to the scientific study of victims, known as victimology. This course will focus on criminal victimization, including its scope and development, historical and political movements impacting victims and a myriad of behavioral health issues from which they suffer. Participants will explore pertinent assessment factors and the latest treatment modalities, including a holistic and integrated approach which speaks to the whole person and the context in which they live. We will discuss various practical and clinical applications and initiatives that have resulted from society’s increasing concern about the enormous impact of victimization on our culture, communities, nation, economy, and the world.


Module 1:

A Holistic & Integrated Approach

Exploring Crime and Its Impact

Victim or Survivor?

Define Interpersonal Victimization

Interpersonal Violence

Ecological View of Trauma & Violent Interpersonal Crimes

Trauma and the Brain

Polyvagal Theory


Module 2:

The History & Crime of Trauma.

Social Justice & Political Movements

The Four Pillars of Social Justice

Historical Perspective on Crime Victims & Trauma Treatment

The Connection between Political Movements & Human Rights

Critical Needs of Crime Victims


Module 3:

Homicide, Loss of Loved Ones, Murder

Grief and Bereavement

Developmental Victimology

Sexual Abuse & Childhood Sexual Abuse

Neuroscience of Neglect


Module 4:

Hate Crimes

Human Trafficking

Essential Practices

Complex PTSD

Toxic Stress



Module 5:

Crime Victim Services

Evidence-based Assessment

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)



Module 6:

The Mind-Body Connection & Other Approaches